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Don’t Sweat It!

I am becoming increasingly convinced that heat is the primary enemy of the body!  Whether hot showers or baths, building up sweat, or using heat to relax and ‘warm up’ muscles, I am finding that there are far more negatives to heat than there are positives.  When exercising, I have found that getting hot and building up a sweat is massively counterproductive.  In fact, learning how to better manage body temperature and eliminating sweat has resulted in pain free exercise with little to no recuperation time post-workout.

To many, a good sweat is indicative of a good workout or exercise.  The association makes good sense — exercise helps you feel better, gives you more energy, and helps build strength in your body.  So when you get a great workout in, you expect to sweat.  Yet, like almost everything in life, the obvious answer is rarely the correct one, and the false association between sweating and the positive effects of a workout are easy to make.  A key for me to figuring this all out was understanding the role of sweat in the body, and what the results are.

Your body wants to keep your temperature the same at all times, regardless of effort or environment.  This temperature homeostasis, known as euthermia, should be reflected as 98.6º F for your core body temperature.  Any variation of either heating or cooling the body away from this temperature sets biological responses into effect that attempt to get it back there.  If you get too cold, you start shivering to warm up.  If you get really cold, blood flow slows to your extremities and stays around the core and keeps the organs working the best it can.  If you get too hot, the body uses condensation cooling (sweat) to bring you back to the sacred 98.6º.

As you warm up, through exercise or otherwise, your body will begin to perspire.  As water forms on the skin through your pores, a greater volume of blood is moved closer toward the outside of the body.  By condensation the body uses your sweat to cool your blood down, which is then pumped through your body to cool your whole awesome self down!  There are two problems with this when exercising: 1) You need your blood in your muscles since you are intentionally working them hard; and 2) You lose electrolytes through sweat.  The first problem should be obvious — you want optimal blood flowing to the areas the are undergoing the greatest expenditure of effort.

The second problem, losing electrolytes, is also a problem.  You’ve heard about electrolytes and you’ve probably assumed that they are important because athletes are always trying to replenish them.  I have found, however, that not many people know what they actually do, so I’m going to give a very brief and pedestrian explanation of their purpose.  Electrolytes serve to conduct electricity through your body, and your muscles and tissues use them to remain in communication with your nervous system.  There are many types of electrolytes, with a primary one being sodium (Na).  This is why your sweat is salty — it’s a sign that you are losing electrolytes.  With all of the talk in athletics and sports drink advertising about replenishing your electrolytes, the much better strategy is never to lose them in the first place, and eliminating sweat is one substantial and primary way to do that.

I have a very specific and limited exercise plan which I only do three times per week.  I do my exercises to complete muscle failure, meaning I do the exercise until I can’t do any more and then I do a couple more!  Common sense would tell you that my muscles should be sore and would need time to recover, yet I have no muscle pain and a recovery time that is limited to minutes.  This is due to several factors which are detailed in the Livtastic Health Plan, but the primary factor is eliminating heat buildup and the sweat response in my body.  I start cold and immediately cold shower after my exercises.

I have also found that cold is great for helping reduce inflammation, spur my metabolism, improve my alertness, and help with fat loss.  Not only do I take cold showers after exercise, I almost exclusively take cold showers every day.  I strongly recommend that you work your way up to this!  When I started, it felt like I was going into shock.  Now, there are many times when I can’t get the water cold enough directly out of the shower head (I live in Phoenix and the water is not as cold as in almost all other areas).  There is substantial scientific research about the nervous system and body temperature as well, particularly on how it affects the Nodes of Ranvier.  I won’t go into detail here, but know that your nervous system can ‘fire’ more quickly with the appropriate amount of cooling.

Remember, your body wants to be 98.6º, whether you’re too hot or too cold.  As I illustrated, there are some serious negatives to cooling when your body starts to sweat.  When you are cold, however, I find that there are far fewer negatives if it is managed properly.  Whether hot or cold, your body burns calories (it uses energy) to get you back to euthermia (normal body temperature).  The fact is, your body can much more efficiently and effectively burn fat when working to attain euthermia from a cold state as opposed to trying to cool down.

So, with the lecture completed, it’s time to apply your knowledge!  When you do exercise, there are several things that you can do:

1.  Put an ice pack on your neck and shoulder area — This is close to your core but out of the way enough for most exercise that it’s not too much of a problem.

2.  Exercise in a cold room or in cold environments as much as possible.

3.  Keep your body cool, and cool down after working out.  This is one of the reasons why swimmers look like Greek gods and goddesses — you don’t sweat in a pool and you stay cool/cold.

As with anything, you don’t want to overdue it and put yourself at health risk when keeping yourself cold; whether you’re working out, sitting in an ice bath, or taking a cold shower.  I’m not a doctor, and you should consult yours before taking my advice!  Fluctuation in body temperature can lead to hypothermia or heart attack and everything in between; so use common sense and caution!

The Livtastic Health Plan covers body temperature in more depth, including understanding how calories (units of energy) can be used to optimize fat loss instead of measuring food portion sizes (which I think is ridiculous).  For now, try to avoid sweating when exercising and experiment with cold showers and ice packs as a way to help facilitate healing and overall health.

How to Get and Hold On to Power!

There is an endless amount of information available on leadership, management, and getting into positions of influence.  Books, seminars, videos, webcasts — they all provide a new spin on the same management and leadership information.  There is so much information available that most of it is essentially worthless.  For every point, there’s a counter-point.

But there’s one book that’s different.  Power, Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t by Jeffrey Pfeffer is the freshest and most honest look at how to get in positions of power and maintain them.  Using research and data opposed to anecdotal stories and life examples, this book by the renowned Stanford professor literally opens up a whole new world into leadership and power.

For example, one of the key tenants is that life isn’t fair or just, yet many people think that it is.  By playing by the “rules”, people expect to get ahead in work and life, yet that’s rarely how it happens.  And the “rules” are typically determined by external sources, and are likely not rules at all.

Do you think doing a great job in your current role will get you a promotion?  Likely, it won’t.  The better you do in your current role, the less likely those in power will want to have to go through the burden of replacing you.

Do you think your boss should tell you how well you’re doing and motivate you?  They probably should, but if you want to get promoted, you better be telling them how great they are.  People in positions of power like their egos stroked, and according to the research, will often make promotion or hiring decisions based on the impact the individual has on them and not necessarily on their work product.

This is just a taste of this powerful work that finally provides a fresh look at the nitty-gritty world of power and influence, and I strongly recommend you read it. . . .

the art and science of living. applied.

Most of what you’ve been told is a lie.

“Working 15 hour days will make you rich.”  “Joining a health club will make you healthy.”  “Put your nose to the grindstone to make something of yourself.”  “Trust your doctor.”  “The professionals know what’s best for you.”

The fact is, no one should know you better than you know yourself.  The other fact is that most people don’t know themselves, their potential, or their capacity for life improvement.  And what is life improvement anyway?  Most people don’t even know how to define happiness, let alone find it.

In the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, there are three key principles worth noting — 1. Know Yourself; 2. Know Your Enemy; and 3. Know Your Terrain.  Do you know what “enemies” are active in your life (health, money, relationships, etc.)?  Do you know your capacity to not only remove the negative but drastically improve the positive? And do you know the tools that are available for making significant life changes immediately?

Today is your lucky day.  Here I will introduce you to the the transformative Livtastic Health Plan.  This plan has been developed as a result of my extensive research in how to apply the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest possible result.  There is no doubt that you can make large, difficult, and drastic changes to your lifestyle to achieve results, yet because of the difficulty in sustaining big changes, they rarely ‘stick’.  You may have experienced this in everything from New Year’s resolutions to ‘rebounding’ from a diet and gaining more weight.  The Livtastic program provides you with the tools to make a bunch of small changes which alone may have limited results.  When combined together, however, you will find the results to be substantial and much easier to sustain long-term.  It’s not a magic pill, an informercial, or a sales pitch.  It’s a transformative philosophy that will change your life.

Livtastic is:

Unbelievably simple and effective

Life changing with immediate results

A revolutionary approach to your health

You can expect to start losing weight immediately, and continue losing it until you reach your target. Typically, you can expect to lose 5 pounds a week, but some Livtastic members have lost as much as ten pounds a week.  More importantly, you will feel and look better than you ever thought you could, and if you’re like other Livtastic members, will eliminate many nagging health problems.

Today is your day. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup – The Truth.

Corn growers will tell you that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is just as safe as sugar.  Fact is, the stuff is horrible for you.  Made from inedible, genetically-modified corn to begin with, there is nothing natural about HFCS and recent studies have proven just that.  The problem is that it’s America’s cheap sweetener, and is in everything from bread, to ketchup, to cereal, to sweets.  Eliminating HFCS out of the modern diet is difficult, but well worth it.  Even small changes to your diet can eliminate the vast majority of HFCS in your system, and you will notice the benefits.

Click over to our files section and download the most recent issue of one|one update to find out more on HFCS, and follow our diet to realize all of the benefits of a HFCS-free diet, including increased weight loss, reduced abdominal fat, and increased energy.

Simplified Health and Diet Plan — It’s a “no-brainer”!

I have created a new diet program combining the research and results from best current thinking on health and weight loss.  By integrating my MET principles, this diet is very easy to follow and obtain immediate results.  I have begun providing a simplified version of the program to a select few for testimonials before full release, so reach out to me if you’re interested in being part of the first wave.  You can expect to lose 15 pounds in the first month alone, with the majority of participants also losing 4 pounds in the first two days!  Get a chance to participate for free before the program is released. . . .