Modify your diet with Green Tea.

I have been researching and experimenting with two things lately in my diet — Vitamin D and Green Tea.  Here I will focus on Green Tea.

This traditional Chinese leaf steeped in hot water has proven itself against modern scientific scrutiny to live up to the hype.  What does Green Tea do for you?  As part of a weight-loss diet, Green Tea increases fat oxidation while simultaneously improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.  But that’s just the beginning!  Green Tea has been shown to help lower your likelihood of heart disease as well as decrease the likelihood of developing some forms of cancer.  There is also some support for the tea acting as a preventative against kidney stones.

There is also research supporting improved cognitive function and the protection of brain cells against decay.  It’s neurorestorative properties may be it’s most powerful attributes, in conjunction with it’s antioxidant benefits.  You should seriously consider drinking Green Tea daily with at least two meals, and be sure not to add any artificial sweeteners or additives, which may degrade the bacterial structure in your digestive system and counteract some of it’s benefit.

Do you have a health issue or know someone who does?

How awesome is this? If you have a health problem, you can go to a website that collects all of the information from people struggling with health issues and disease and ranks what treatments are most effective — whether it’s food, diet, or medication.  Find out what others have the most success with at Cure Together

Everything you know about fitness is a lie!

Cancel your gym membership.  This article, though overly complex, further points to utilizing my concept of minimum effective threshold (MET) to achieve optimal health: