How to Get and Hold On to Power!

There is an endless amount of information available on leadership, management, and getting into positions of influence.  Books, seminars, videos, webcasts — they all provide a new spin on the same management and leadership information.  There is so much information available that most of it is essentially worthless.  For every point, there’s a counter-point.

But there’s one book that’s different.  Power, Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t by Jeffrey Pfeffer is the freshest and most honest look at how to get in positions of power and maintain them.  Using research and data opposed to anecdotal stories and life examples, this book by the renowned Stanford professor literally opens up a whole new world into leadership and power.

For example, one of the key tenants is that life isn’t fair or just, yet many people think that it is.  By playing by the “rules”, people expect to get ahead in work and life, yet that’s rarely how it happens.  And the “rules” are typically determined by external sources, and are likely not rules at all.

Do you think doing a great job in your current role will get you a promotion?  Likely, it won’t.  The better you do in your current role, the less likely those in power will want to have to go through the burden of replacing you.

Do you think your boss should tell you how well you’re doing and motivate you?  They probably should, but if you want to get promoted, you better be telling them how great they are.  People in positions of power like their egos stroked, and according to the research, will often make promotion or hiring decisions based on the impact the individual has on them and not necessarily on their work product.

This is just a taste of this powerful work that finally provides a fresh look at the nitty-gritty world of power and influence, and I strongly recommend you read it. . . .

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